Patient presented looking to start with improving the appearance of his smile.
There was severe deterioration of his front teeth, but all the teeth were alive & vital!
iTero scans were taken, and digital smile design was created by the maestro @ewerton_de_castro.
All restorations and decay were removed, and I found there wasn’t a whole lot to work with 😅.
After diode laser crown troughing, the teeth where air-abraded, etched, bonded and built up with a cold dual cure fibre reinforced composite. I picked up this technique courtesy of @billstruppddsfaacd who recommends using it directly from the fridge so the resin cures slowly and shrinkage forces dissipate through the core slowly.
After a 10 hygiene exam with a chatty patient I aimed to do a vertical style preparation with a slight chamfer. In retrospect I wish I prepped a bit more subgingival to make the prep a bit longer and hide the margins better.
Shoutout @creationsdental for the assist on some gorgeous zirconia work for incisors. Canines restored directly with Reflectys composite resin.
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Young patient comes in, tells me she hates her smile and mum says she never smiles ☹️.
Budget was tight, ortho out of the question so offered to close the diastema with some resin.
Probably a hundred things I would do differently and tweak, but her face when she saw her new smile (and her mum’s) made all of that irrelevant 🙌🏾
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