Update: May 2021

Hey everyone,

Just thought I’d give a little update as to where I am at currently. I’m currently taking a gap from seeing patients after leaving a very toxic workplace, which has caused considerable stress over the past few months. During this time off I’ve taken on 2 advanced level courses to further my skills and training.

The first is 2-3 year program which is a Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic Orthodontics. Currently this is the highest government recognised training program in clear aligners (such as Invisalign), short of becoming a specialist orthodontist. It’s quite a gruelling program with large amounts of assessments and exams (throwback to dental school). As tooth alignment is such an important part of creating a stellar smile, I figured I will take the most comprehensive course I can find in aligners to get this part of treatment on lock.

The second course I am taking is a Mastership in Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry. Biomimetic restorative dentistry is a fancy way of saying ‘fixing teeth the way nature created them’. What our new research is showing us is that old dentistry such as metal fillings and crowns do not match the way the tooth is structured and designed. The natural tooth has been engineered over millions of years to withstand forces from multiple angles, and importantly to prevent the tooth cracking. As we see with cracks in windows, once a crack starts it continues to grow until something breaks. The techniques I am learning on this course allow me to recreate the tooth as close as we can to nature’s design (we can never completely copy it as nature is too advanced). These techniques are not taught anywhere in Australia so I am doing it virtually in Utah.

I hope to be seeing patients very soon, once I find a quality practice to call home.

– Dr Maheer

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